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Membership Benefits
Fitness Plus
(9am - 4pm)
Crew Card
(14-16 years)
Crew Card 
(16-18 years) 
Cross-site use at all East Riding centres    
Evening use       
Weekend use (Sunlight 9am - 4pm)






7 day booking of all bookable activities      
Use of Tone Zone fitness suites*
Access on to the Health Plus gym programme
Regular review appointments
Use of swimming pools**
Access to exercise classes including Les Mills programmes
Access tospecial junior exercise classes


Free daytime badminton or squash***  
Use of health suites or saunas

50% discount on crèche bookings    
10% discount on café purchases (conditions apply)
50% discount on sun bed bookings
 Introduce a friend****          


* Under 16s must be supervised by an adult unless attending a supervised session.
** Except during swimming lessons.
*** Daytime is between 9am and 4pm, Monday - Sunday, person booking the court  must be a member.  One court per member per day. 

**** For each friend that signs up and  joins one of our  memberships you will receive one free month.

Introduce a friend

We now offer our 'introduce a friend' offer across all of our membership packages. For each friend that signs up and joins one of our memberships you will receive one free month.

Membership Enquiries

If you have any questions relating to memberships please phone your local leisure centre and we will deal with your enquiry accordingly.

You can find contact details via the Information icon on each leisure centre's site.