Exercise referral

The Exercise referral scheme is an introduction to physical activity, which enables GP’s and other health professionals to recommend a course of exercise for people who they believe would benefit from it.

The scheme entitles you to join a 20 session activity programme at the East Riding of Yorkshire Council leisure facility that is linked to your GP Surgery. Throughout the programme you will have the help and guidance of specially qualified exercise professionals.

The scheme is based on two sessions per week over a period of 10 weeks. The cost is £33.00 and payable on registration. You should complete the scheme in no more than 4 months, however we do understand that in exceptional circumstances this may not be realistic and you would need to advise a member of the Exercise Referral team if you believe that you may go over this time.

Our aim is for you to enjoy the course whilst, at the same time, improve your health and general wellbeing.

The Exercise Referral Team are there to give support, encouragement and advise throughout this course of exercise. Do not hesitate to ask the team any questions that you may have relating to your specific needs.

Acceptance onto the scheme can be gained from your GP Surgery or other medical practitioner.